Functioning as in-house Risk Managers for businesses and organisations across the UK, the team at RMI Consulting, with over 30 years of experience, provide independent help and support to ensure that their clients have effective control of their risk and insurance management needs.

We work closely with those in your business responsible for finance, management, health and safety, HR, premises, production and vehicles to fully understand your business and business goals. Using our in-depth knowledge, we then develop innovative risk management and insurance solutions tailored to your needs. We aim to build confidence, capability and ownership within your team.

In respect of Risk Transfer (Insurance), our expertise and insight into the insurance market allows us to assist our clients in achieving the broadest available cover, at the lowest possible cost, with the best insurer security rating.

We are engaged by a wide variety of corporate clients, including those in the recycling, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and wholesaling industries.

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